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The Holy Trio

The Holy Trio

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Your dream 3 step skin care system for radiant skin.

Our three step system is potent, active and pure. Our Moisture drenching Mist preps the skin for deep hydration, The Serum is layered for an injection of botox free plumping peptides and vitamin C to visibly lift, brighten and firm the skin, and The Booster gel helps to seal in this moisture and goodness, while reconditioning environmental damage and helping to slow down cellular ageing. 

This 3 step system is best for normal, dry and mature skin types.


The Serum

My holy grail skin serum, a natural radiance elixir to improve skin luminosity, firmness & texture, calm & minimise redness, boost hydration & reduce signs of ageing. This is my botox in a bottle!

I couldn’t find the perfect serum, so I created it. I am a firm believer that skin thrives with simplicity. Every ingredient has been intentionally selected to ensure the most effective yet minimalistic solution to target premature ageing. No unnecessary fads, complicated chemicals or harmful fragrances. Purely and essentially the formulation you need to effect change, naturally.

The Mist

Our lifting, thirst quenching peptide mist is formulated with potent peptides & hyaluronic acid to deliver immediate hydration for the ultimate glow.

Our all natural formula contains ZERO synthetic or watered down fillers or chemical binders - simply high concentrations of our signature pure & precious active ingredients to effect change, naturally.

Pro Tips: The Mist is the perfect compliment to your skin care routine & your glowy travel or gym bag companion. Hyaluronic is a moisture magnet- Apply The Serum immediately after misting while your skin is still damp to pull more moisture into the skin and to effect a much deeper penetration of our skin loving nutrients.

The Mist contains potent, pure and precious blend of our signature peptide and hyaluronic acid in a pure rose water base. We recommend being intentional with your misting, 1-2 pumps is all you need to effect change, naturally.


The Booster

The ultimate skin conditioner to restore youthful radiance!

The B Booster is formulated to support ultra soft, lifted, soothed and nourished skin. Our potent actives including pure B3, B5, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid & precious Tripeptide2 help to strengthen & repair the skin’s protective barrier, increase elasticity, firmness, tone & texture, and speed up cell renewal for a radiant glass skin glow.The Booster gel-cream formula is deeply nourishing and targets sensitised skin, environmental damage AND age prevention. This is the face cream I searched my whole life for! 

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  • "After many years of spending so much money on other skincare products my skin has never felt or looked amazing. I have been using the Aktivait trio for about 2 weeks and all I can say is Kira you are the queen of skincare. I can honestly say my face has cleared and feels amazing and to top it off my make up has never looked picture perfect. So grateful for you for creating such amazing products. Much love queen"

  • "Holy crap! I just received my Booster and used it this morning! Love it! My skin is so glowy already!!! Like what??! You are a magician! This is me after using the mist, serum and booster.. no filter, no make up just Aktivait!"